Looking for a way to turn deadstock into sold stock?

Here it is!

Sell effortlessly

Sell fast

No more selling one roll here and one roll there. We handle the sales ourselves and centralise demands so you don’t have to.

Get paid

Get the most out of your excess fabric with tailored pricing by our teams


We take care of everything, from displaying your products to pick- ups.


You are more eco-responsible, your carbon footprint gets smaller. Chin up!

It’s not just better for the planet. It’s new revenue.

If you are a textile manufacturer or a fashion label with excess fabric sitting on your hands, you are probably spending money to stock or destroy it. How about we turn that little secret into a new source of pride, joy and revenue?

Turning fabric waste into value means more money in and less money out. That’s the beauty of it. Not to mention all that new space in your warehouse...

Let us do it all


Our team helps you identify the sleeping stocks that’ll bring you the best value. From quantities to roll pricing, let’s come up with a great selling strategy for you.


Let us upload your items on our platform. Who makes the pictures and the write-up? We do. Who answers queries from buyers? We do. Who manages the sales so all you have? We do.


All you have to do is get the merchandise ready for pick-up. That’s it? That’s it.

04Making you glow

We think what we do is great and want the whole world to know it. Let us praise your engagement and let everyone be inspired by your choices.

Start selling

My, oh, my


We’ve been working with uptrade for several years now.

We’ve been working with uptrade for several years now. They allow us to get rid of our stock end, even when it’s just a few rolls, and make an interesting benefit from it. Both the process and the payment are fast and hassle-free.

Paul de Bermingham, Managing Director, Hurel



A good way to sell your sleeping stock.

Congratulations! I can only confirm how efficient uptrade is and be the living proof that there is a good way to sell your sleeping stock. DBvetpro is taking a firm stand on sustainability through recycling and upcycling, so we are very happy to have found uptrade. It’s the perfect virtuous circle: we clean our stock, get cash in and help designers out while recycling all that fabric.

DBVetPro - Hervé Dupont, CEO


Cool brands making a difference

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a supplier and I would like to upcycle my dormant stock, how can I get in touch?

We are looking forward to speaking with you! Send us an email at bonjour@uptrade.fr

Do you also upcycle scraps?

We work with partners who do. Please send us more information at bonjour@uptrade.fr (composition, colour, weight, frequency).

Do I have to handle shipping?

Uptrade takes care of all the logistics. All you have to do is prepare the parcel and let us know its weight and dimensions. You will get further instructions with the purchase order. Shipping costs are paid by the buyer.