Do you sell by the yard?

We sell by the roll only. You can buy a single roll, even when several are available.

Is there a minimum order?

No. That would go against our mission to resurrect as much fabric as we can 🥰. You can order a single roll if you want to.

Can I get a sample?

Sure! Samples are available for all our fabrics except a few prints, feel free to ask for one, we’ll ship it quickly.

Do you have GOTS certified fabrics or other labels?

Uptrade is not certified so we cannot supply GOTS certified fabrics. But we have plenty of other great labels such as Oeko-Tex or "Origine France Garantie"! We also have a great selection of fabrics offering specific performances compliant with European norms (fire-resistance, acid proofness, etc). Looking for recycled or organic fabrics? We have some too!

Where does the fabric come from?

Most of our fabric was made in Europe, or at the very least stocked there. You’ll find information about the origin on the product page whenever it was available to us.

Do I need to be a business to buy on uptrade?

Yes you do 🙂

Do you accept returns?

You have thirty days to check the fabric you have received. Beyond that, we cannot accept any claim. Returns are not possible unless the product is non-compliant in terms of composition, length or state (check the tolerance defined in our General Terms and Conditions). Products that have been used, cut, deteriorated, damaged, stained, or made incomplete by the buyer will not be refunded. Thanks for using our mail to communicate: bonjour@uptrade.fr. Indicate the product reference together with your phone number and will get back to you very soon.

I have an issue with a current order. Who do I talk with?

Please contact us by email: bonjour@uptrade.fr

Can I change or cancel an order?

Since you are buying as a professional and concluding the transaction for purposes that are attributed to your activity, you cannot exercise a right of withdrawal.

Can you save fabric for me?

Getting a sample or meeting with us does not imply the fabric will be saved for you. We’ll be happy to discuss any specific need you have.

I’ve made an order a while ago but lost the fabric information. Would you send it back to me?

Sure, just send us an email (bonjour@uptrade.fr) with your name, surname and phone number.

Do you ever restock items?

Nope. 😉   All the fabric you’ll find here comes from sleeping stocks, so is by definition unique. Go grab your favourite!

Do you upcycle leather?

We do not upcycle leather and specialise in textile: ready-to-wear, decoration, technical wear, lace…

Do you sell fabric scraps?

No we don’t. We only sell unsold inventory.


How do you secure payment?

The files containing the personal data that’s necessary for the transaction are kept on Snipcart, Stripe and Airtable, among others. These companies are compliant with RGPD norms. Uptrade does not share or sell any of your personal data.

How can I pay?

By card or bank transfer.

Can I get an invoice after I paid?

You’ll receive one automatically as soon as you have validated your payment.


What is the delivery time?

Delivery time is 5 to 10 days after your payment was received.

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges depend on the volume of your order (number of rolls and length).

How can I track my order?

You will receive a mail with your tracking number(s) and shipping information as soon as your parcel is sent.

Which country do you deliver to?

Only France. But that’s just for now 😉

Can I change my delivery address?

As long as you haven’t received a delivery tracking number, you can contact us by mail (bonjour@uptrade.fr).

Can I pick up my order at your showroom?

Sorry, you can’t, as we do not stock fabric here, just samples.


How can I schedule an appointment at your showroom?

You can book some time with the team by mail (bonjour@uptrade.fr).


I am a supplier and I would like to upcycle my dormant stock, how can I get in touch?

We are looking forward to speaking with you! Send us an email at bonjour@uptrade.fr

Do you also upcycle scraps?

We work with partners who do. Please send us more information at bonjour@uptrade.fr (composition, colour, weight, frequency).

Do I have to handle shipping?

Uptrade takes care of all the logistics. All you have to do is prepare the parcel and let us know its weight and dimensions. You will get further instructions with the purchase order. Shipping costs are paid by the buyer.