There are issues no one wants to look at anymore. We want to answer them.

Our story

Building a sustainable alternative to offer dormant stocks a second chance

In 2022,

The textile industry plays a huge part in our daily lives. As a consequence, it also plays a huge part in our global economy.

In 2017, it amounted to 1300 billion dollars and employed 300 million people in total.

On a global scale

The downside to it, which can also be seen as a cause-effect scheme, is the sad records it holds.

This industry is responsible for 10% of our world CO2 emissions, uses 4% of the water available, produces 20% of our soiled waters, uses 25% of the chemical products created each year by men, and generates 7% of our global waste.


There are more and more opportunities for everyone to dress more sustainably: local production, recycled or natural materials, etc.

We have gone way past the cliché of sustainable fashion being boring and dull, to replace it with evidence of a more colourful and glamorous fashion.

By creating uptrade, we have chosen to take an active part in this change, by offering a new service: giving sleeping stocks a second chance. 


dormant stocks

In 2019

The figures are dreadful: in all the world, an average of 12% of all the fabric produced in a year is wasted. So what does it all become? Not much today.

When these stocks are not simply left aside, they are often destroyed, by being either burnt or buried in a landfill site. We just found this so alarming we decided to create uptrade. By connecting the fabric companies to the upcycling and recycling market, we fight fashion’s fabric waste problem and sustain circular economies.

💪 By tackling this issue, we are also indirectly tackling all the other ones.

Our values



Why do simple when you could do complicated? Or is it the contrary, maybe? Today, it has become almost impossible to remember the way the sentence should go. We are taking it upon ourselves to re-establish the order of things and campaign for simple and transparent processes.



Because we believe it has become urgent to react, we have decided to launch this entrepreneurial expedition to get things moving. And that’s not it. We are also highlighting the know-how, prestige and innovation capacities of an industry that has been put to the test by decades of linear economy.



The law is changing and manufacturer’s accountability is being enforced on a larger and larger perimeter. As a result, they are being denied the possibility to destroy dormant stocks and fabric scraps. It is therefore not only urgent to act and provide them with alternative and more sustainable solutions. We are convinced that one man’s wealth is another man’s waste and have chosen to shake things up by making the new economy of reuse and recycling happen now.